Xator Exhibits at SOFIC

July 6, 2017

May 15-18, 2017 – Xator had the pleasure of exhibiting at Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) 2017. SOFIC offers an opportunity for the Special Operations Forces (SOF) community to interact with industry leaders and for industry to showcase innovative product and service solutions to meet the challenging and peculiar needs of the SOF operator.

Over the course of three rewarding days, Xator personnel shared corporate capabilities and innovative, SOF-focused service, training, and product solutions, like Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Virtual Reality enhanced training and operations support systems, with SOF, Defense industry professionals, and law enforcement personnel. This year, we also invited SOFIC attendees to participate in a business card raffle for a chance to win an Apple iPad mini. We are happy to announce the winner, Angel M. Marin, Senior Manager of DoD Operations, from the National Information Assurance Corporation in Tampa, FL.  

Xator delivers the ‘Security’ in National Security. We are a leading provider of service-based and C4ISR enabled, Intelligence, Indications, and Warnings; Prevention, Protection, and Detection; and Consequence Management solutions. Our domain experts support domestic and overseas projects, to include deploying in support of short- and long-term requirements in more than 115 countries and 158 cities worldwide. For more information about Xator, contact Jim Snow at jim.snow@xatorcorp.com.